Project Description

Emily K.

Emily had no symptoms. She was a healthy & happy infant. She was taken to her 9 month well check appointment where her doctor pressed her tummy and discovered a mass. After immediately being sent to the ER, she was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor. (Stage 1 Favorable Histology). A few days later she had the tumor, her kidney, adrenal gland & some lymph nodes removed. Because the lymph nodes were clear along with some other factors, it was decided she was not going to have chemotherapy. Today she is a healthy, sweet, funny & very energetic toddler who loves being in the water, Mickey/Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses and watching Doc McStuffins on tv. Maybe she will be a doctor when she grows up! She continues to go for scans regularly and we hope that God continues to bless her with clear scans in the future!

Emily loves anything to do with water. swimming, the beach, bath time, her water table, she even plays with bottles of water! She may have to wear a kidney guard if she ever wants to get into sports like soccer, etc. but that is her only restriction when it comes to physical activities. And like most typical toddlers, she loves music & drawing with crayons and chalk.

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