Project Description


Elliot was adopted in February 2018 after living with us for 17 months. At two and a half he was already a survivor and a fighter, such a smart and strong boy. The summer of 2017, an injury led us to Shands for eye surgery. In surgery they found a very large tumor in Elliot’s eye. That day, he was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and lost his left eye. Elliot adjusted well to his prosthetic eye and was so brave. Then, just 7 months later, pink tears told us something was wrong in Elliot’s eye l socket. His cancer had returned. We made it to Miami within days and found out he would need radiation and chemo therapy. Hundreds of miles from home, he received radiation for 5 weeks and the tumor completely shrunk! Elliot did a super job in radiation and never even got tired or sick! We returned home after 2 months to start chemo. In fact, we are still finishing. Chemo has caused serious problems for Elliot, and our experience has caused his family to pray and advocate for improved cancer treatment for kids. Hopefully, Elliot will soon be an active boy again, back with his friends at school, and playing with his brother. He is a survivor and he never gives up!

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