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Davis was diagnosed with Tcell Lymphoma and within 72 hours was receiving his first round of chemo at CHOA. He is a fun loving twin to brother Hudson, and younger brother to “chef” Tess. He adores all living creatures from ants to elephants and is into everything an 8 year old boy should be. His favorite player of all time is Freddie Freeman and never misses a Braves game on TV or radio. This will be a rough ride for him, as he is not one to sit on the sidelines, but his friends and family are helping cheer him on.

Davis loves baseball and ALL animals. Since his diagnosis Davis has become a professional baseball spectator and his brother’s biggest fan. He has many stuffed animals that he says will do until he kicks cancers butt and can get a kitty. Since his diagnosis he has even made his own pocket knife and is into woodworking with his dad.

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T Cell Lymphoma