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Cooper C.

Cooper’s mother writes: “Cooper was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was 19 months old. Over night our lives changed. On Friday, July 8,2011 we went on our very first camping trip. Cooper showed no signs of sickness other than when I got him out of the car and sat him down, he limped. Only once and then took off running and playing. I can’t explain it any other than discernment from the Lord, but I had this gut feeling something wasn’t right. First the ER told us it was a sprain, the 2nd ER said he had an auto immune disease and needed steroids. They then sent us by ambulance to a hospital in Pensacola. It all happened so quick. We were vacationing in Friday, and on Monday he was diagnosed with leukemia. God has been so good to us and has carried Cooper every step of the way. After endless blood draws, chemotheraphys, spinal taps and infusions, he is in remission. Our treatment plan was for 3 1/2 years. We still like 9 more months of chemotherapy. We have learned that life is so very fragile and not to take one second for granted. Through our cancer journey God has strengthen our faith, our love for each other and our relationship with Him. Cooper is so brave and strong, no matter the struggles of yesterday, he embraces each day with a smile. He has taught me to smile through the pain, laugh often, hug more and always live each day to the fullest:) He truly is my hero!!”

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