Project Description


Starting back in early February Christopher started getting sick all the time (mainly after office hours). I would take him to Wellstar Urgent care and they kept testing him for Strep and flu, and one of them would always come back positive. This went on for months. Field Day at Christopher’s school he only played the first 3 things and said he was to tired to play anymore. I thought it was because he didn’t get enough sleep the night before. At lunch he was saying he was really cold and was not hungry. His teacher came in the room and looked at him and told me he was not being himself and looked sick. I touched his head and he was really hot. I checked him out of school. Called his doctor and they didn’t have any openings left that day so I took him to Wellstar urgent care AGAIN. STREP came back positive. Memorial Day Christopher was really clingy. I started to cook supper when he came to me and told me he felt funny and his legs were wobbly. He let go of the kitchen chair and feel to the floor. I told him we were going to the hospital and he told me he wanted to eat first so I made him some spaghetti O’s. When he was done we left. Got him to Paulding Pediatric ER, and they took him right in, because on our way there he turned white as a sheet. We had CT, xray, and blood work done. The nurse that took his blood stuck him and his hand bruised immediately. She got up and walked out. She came back and said she had to draw blood from his arm and they were going to give him fluids. We were told that the blood test would take about an hour. Not even 30 mins passed and nurses and a doctors came in. The Doctor asked if we could talk out in the hall. I told him that it was fine that we talked in the room because Christopher needed to know what was going on with his body too. The doctor said he was 95% sure Christopher had Leukemia and they were sending us to Scottish Rite and the ambulance was on its way. I followed the ambulance to Scottish. We are in the ER department till about 1 am. We were moved to a room and he received his first thing for blood. The next morning (May 31st) it was confirmed that he had AML. Later that day we were taken by ambulance to Egleston and given more blood. He started getting chemo on June 2nd. He is on his 3rd round of chemo now and doing great.

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