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Christopher W.

Christopher’s mother writes, “Christopher was diagnosed on August 31, 2014 with kidney cancer – a Wilms Tumor. Christopher had no symptoms, nothing at all. On the 30th of August we went to a birthday party and his dad took his big Canon camera…

The party was at a ‘splash park’ and Christopher’s dad took many, many pics of the boys. The Saturday night we were home and I asked him if he could put the pics from today up on the big TV. A few pics in, I saw something that did not look right. On 2 of the pics it was evident that Christopher’s tummy looked to not have the normal round shape, just under his left rib cage. This was more than just the toddler pot belly tummy. I told my husband and he agreed, it looked different. I was sitting in bed that night, searching Google for ‘swollen tummy’, answers such as constipation, infection, cancer popped up. I went to bed, assuring myself that he is so perfectly happy and looking healthy and that it must be constipation or something small…. If it had to be cancer, then he must have been sick. I was wrong.

The next morning (Sunday Aug. 31, 2014) I called my friend who is a gastroenterologist at 7:20 AM , and I asked her if she could look at Christopher’s tummy. We went to her house and she felt his tummy and recommended we go to the ER. At the ER when I told the story to the Dr. on call and asked her we want an X Ray and Ultrasound as my friend recommended; I could tell in the way she looked at us that she was thinking I am over-reacting. Christopher still looked 100% happy and healthy and just with his t-shirt on, his tummy did not look much different. She went ahead and felt and she confirmed – something is there that should not be there!

X Rays followed, Ultrasound followed and an hour or so later they confirmed – we are so sorry, we think your child has some sort of kidney cancer. We can’t exactly confirm which one till the MRI, CT Scan and biopsy have been completed. My world literally fell apart. A pastor came in and said he is sorry and asked if he could do anything for us. I later only realized what a tough job this guy has. He has no idea if the ppl he is talking to believes in God, so what can he exactly say?

They took Christopher’s blood pressure etc. and confirmed his blood pressure was high due to the pressure of the tumor on the kidneys. They told us we will be admitted to the cancer center and that they are getting his room ready. A few hours later we were walking through the doors that said “CANCER CENTER” – our lives had changed forever. I will never forget that feeling of walking through those doors. With Christopher now in a wheelchair at that time; a cancer patient. How could that be???

We had to wait till the Tuesday for further testing as the Monday was a Holiday in the US. Just from the Sunday to the Monday his belly got bigger and continued to grow significantly that week in the hospital. The tumor was very rapid growing. In fact, we had him at the pediatrician on July 29, 2014 for a visit and they did a tummy exam too, just 30 days before all of this. Apparently from the time the cells start getting out of hand, the tumor grows very fast.

From here CT/MRI scans were done on the Tuesday, biopsy on Wednesday and by the Friday it was confirmed he has Wilms tumor, Stage 4, Favorable Histology (good news if that is possible in a situation like this). We are about 3.5 months into this journey. The news of this seemed to be so very overwhelming, but God has been with us every step of the way, one day at a time.”

Christopher loves Thomas the train (Trains are his #1 favorite thing to play with), Airplanes, Playing on the IPad, LEGO’s, Riding his Y-Bike, Playing with his big brother Lucas, Pirates (Jake & the Neverland Pirates), Superheros (Hulk is his latest favorite), and reading books.

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