Project Description


Brantley is a loving boy the biggest ambitions! He wants to be a doctor and Spiderman when he gets older. On March 30th, 2016, Brantley woke up with a severe headache, not able to walk correctly, couldn’t swallow, and was seeing double. We decided to take Brantley to the ER, because we knew something was wrong. After a CT scan, and an hour of knowing that everything was going to be ok, the Doctor came back in to let us know that they had found something and that he would be life flighted to Scottish Rite. We found out on March 31st that he had DIPG and the hardest time in our lives started. Through it all, Brantley hasn’t skipped a beat, and is the most amazing little boy. I can truly say that we know know what a hero is, and it is definitely our Brantley!

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