Project Description

Bailey Moody

Bailey was a healthy and active ten year old girl. As spring 2012 approached, she had been complaining of knee pain for about two months. She was very athletic and participated in many sports, so it was attributed to an overuse injury and nothing a little rest, ice and ibuprofen could not fix. But the pain did not improve and after some imaging and a biopsy, Bailey received the shocking news that she had a malignant bone tumor in her lower right femur that had also invaded her knee.

In March 2012, Bailey was diagnosed with bone cancer. Oteosarcoma is a very aggressive cancer, and thus, the treatment is vigorous as well. It consists of ten weeks of chemotherapy, then surgery to remove the tumor, followed by another twenty weeks of chemotherapy. As if dealing with cancer is not challenging enough, the options for tumor removal were equally as life-altering.

Because Bailey wanted to be able to play sports again, she chose a form of amputation known as rotationplasty. On June 5, 2012 the tumor infected area of her leg was removed and the bottom portion of her leg was rotated 180 degrees and reattached, thus allowing her ankle to become her new knee. While it looks unusual because the foot is backwards, it was the option that would allow the most functionality.

Bailey now wears a prosthesis on the bottom portion of her leg and she has almost fully returned to the athletic, active lifestyle she had before cancer. Bailey finished chemotherapy in October 2012 and her most recent scans showed no evidence of disease. Her family writes, “While this has been an unbelievably difficult and unexpected journey, we know that this is God’s plan for Bailey and we are thankful for His mercy as we traveled through this valley.”

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