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A’nya was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on May 12, 2009 (2 days before her Pre K graduation). Her family knew something was wrong when she began to have nightly fevers and her limbs began to hurt. A’nya went to a pediatrics center where she had blood work done. The blood work had alarming results showing that her white blood count was extremely high. A’nya was at school practicing for her upcoming graduation ceremony when her parents took the advice from the doctor to rush her to a children’s hospital in Atlanta. Upon her arrival, she was placed in the Emergency Department where more test would be done. The results came back confirming that she had ALL Leukemia.

Her mom said that after the doctor spoke those words, “everything just became a blur.” A’nya, an innocent 4-year-old, was about to take on a challenge greater than anything her parents had experienced. With A’nya’s great support team combined with her being a trooper, she began to fight the disease and is now doing great. Her parents said that every doctor visit and hospital stay is a learning experience and A’nya has been very understanding through it all. The family believes that “The Lord will never put more on you than you can handle,” therefore, they look at A’nya’s diagnosis as a learning, bonding, nurturing and understanding time for the family. “A’nya’s journey is a journey we never expected to travel, but we will have a better testimony after we return” says A’nya’s mom.

A’nya loves cheerleading and Michael Jackson music. Her favorite movie is Princess and the Frog.

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