Project Description


Allie’s Aunt noticed her right eye shaking in June of 2012 and a MRI revealed a tumor on her right optic nerve. Five days later another MRI showed two additional tumors in the back of her brain and one on her spine, she was 7 months old. She had a brain biopsy on July 13, 2012 and that is when we learned she had JPA (Juvenile pylocytic astrocytoma). She has been on chemo since July 26, 2012 and she will be off of it later this year. Allie’s mother says, “She is the toughest baby I know. She will sit in the chair by herself and get her labs drawn from her arm. She is a true fighter and hero!”

Allie loves to play with her babies, cook in her kitchen, and she loves to “give” her babies chemo by accessing their port.

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