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Aleks had been running multiple fevers and kept having bouts of the flu. He had one small nosebleed but nothing that caused concern. Before Easter weekend, he had another high fever so his parents took him to a walk in appointment so he could get on antibiotics before they were around family. The doctor that Aleks saw took notice of how pale he was and decided to draw blood work. He took blood twice because the first time, the numbers came out wonky and he didn’t believe they were being read right. The second time he ran his blood, he had a lead doctor of the clinic come to me and told me he was calling an ambulance and sending us to Vanderbilt emergency department. He said Aleks was showing symptoms of leukemia. Aleks was rushed to Vandy. At that time, his bone marrow was 90% compacted with leukemia cells. 
Aleks and his family spent Easter Sunday in the hospital. The Easter bunny left a basket in his room full of toys and the whole family celebrate Easter in the hospital.
His doctors gave us the official diagnosis of pre-b cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 4/16/17. Aleks was 2 years old. Over the next 28 days, he had numerous blood and platelet transfusions, bone marrow aspirations and X-rays. He had a couple close calls in the operating room and had to be put on oxygen because he quit breathing after his port operation.
On May 19, 2017 Aleks was declared in remission. Through the summer he was at the hospital weekly and had a few overnight stays. As he gets older, he is more aware of what is happening to him and he likes tell you he gets his “super powers” at the hospital. He ends treatment in 2020, and he will be declared cancer free in 2025.
His brother and sister are still unsure of what cancer is and how it truly affects Aleks. They know he has days where he doesn’t feel good and there are activities he can’t do just yet. Our motto is just taking one day at a time while we navigate this new normal. Aleks loves playing outside, with action figures, and loves loves his cars! 
Aleks’ family is so incredibly proud at how brave Aleks is. He doesn’t cry when we go to the hospital and he is so strong considering what is happening to him. We love him so much.

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