Project Description


Our 12 year old daughter – Abigail – was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Astrocytoma after enduring an Intraoperative MRI Craniotomy with Tumor Resection on March 31, 2017. Her tumor was initially found on February 8th after a late evening MRI due to persistent headaches with no relief from several different medications. She has battled through physical and speech therapy since the first week of April, and was sadly not able to return to school. She was required to do hospital homebound schooling, and despite all of her absences from the painful headaches prior to her diagnosis and the absences due to her surgery and healing process, she finished her 6th grade year with all As and earned the Principal’s Honor Award. At this time, she is scheduled for follow up MRIs of her brain every three months. We recently received a “stable” report after her first post-surgery MRI this past June 18th and look to forward to seeing her continue to make strides in her healing. We are thankful for each and every message, card, and prayer sent our way. Abigail continues to rely on her faith, and we couldn’t be more proud of our strong, beautiful, warrior princess.

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Grade 2 Astrocytoma