Project Description

Abby H.

In 2001, at the age of six, Abby was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor called anaplastic ependymoma. After surgery which completely removed the tumor, she had six weeks of radiation treatments. Everything was just fine when a routine MRI revealed a recurrent tumor in 2003. Additional surgery and brachytherapy radiation followed. Later that same year, Abby had more surgery to remove extensive radiation necrosis after which she completed two years of oral chemotherapy.

In May 2007, a routine MRI revealed a “suspicious” area which required more surgery. Thankfully, the mass turned out to be non-malignant and Abby has recovered well.

Abby is an independent girl who loves animals, especially the family pets, Charlie, a black and tan standard dachshund, and Snickers, a fluffy cat. She enjoys listening to music, playing games with her sister, and has participated in soccer and gymnastics. Abby’s determination and strong spirit have helped her through the difficult times. At present, she is healthy and enjoying life.

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Anaplastic Ependymoma