Jodin is a fun loving 9 year old. He loves art, reading, video games, the beach and his family. Jodin’s journey with Acute Myeloid Leukemia began in January 2019, when he complained of a small pain in his side and said he didn’t want to eat dinner. Over the next few days, his parents were trying to rule out certain things, but finally decided to take Jodin to the emergency room, only four days after his initial complaint. In the ER, the doctors found suspicious things on his x-ray, blood work and CT scan. Jodin had only been there for about 2 hours when his parents were told they were pretty sure he had leukemia. He was admitted Wednesday, January 23 and started chemotherapy on Friday, January 25, and he is likely to be hospitalized for 6 months. One of the biggest challenges for the family is the inability to work and the necessity for Jodin’s younger sister to stay with friends who live an hour away. Through all of this Jodin continues to stay in a good mood and be the brightest kid ever, having always been helpful, kind, sweet, and funny.