A Note from Keren

Seriously, we need better treatments – and less puking. Not to be gross, but many cancer treatments today have horrible, and sometimes long-term side effects. But you know, I believe that new childhood cancer research will ultimately result in better treatments, and one, cures for childhood cancer.

Since I became a Rally Kid, I have been fundraising too, and just this summer, my swim club raised more than $26,000 for Rally! Even though this money may not help me now, it will help other kids that have to fight cancer in the future. More than 17,000 kids nationwide were diagnosed this year, including some like me with a different types of cancer, or for a second or third time.

I just want cancer to completely disappear. That’s why childhood cancer research is so important to me – give now, so kids like me don’t have to fight cancer twice!

For our Future, For My Future.

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