Sweet Treats to Fund Childhood Cancer Research!

The Rally Bakery Bunch was founded by Rally Kid Hailey’s three siblings who were passionate about sweet treats and raising money for childhood cancer research in memory of their little sister, Hailey.

Hailey’s siblings, Kenzie, Jason, and Dylan decided to put their passion to action and got to work in the kitchen, with help from their parent, baking goodies to be sold at local community events. At their first bake sale, they raised more than $700 for childhood cancer research! It’s easy as pie. Join the  Rally Bakery Bunch today!

Meet Rally Kid Hailey
The Inspirtion for the Rally Bakery Bunch
Solid Tumor, (2008-2010)

Hailey’s story began at a check up when she was seven months old. She had been very healthy up until that point – hitting all milestones, eating, sleeping well, smiling, laughing, playing, etc. Everything looked great at her visit except that her head was constantly cocked to her right side with her chin rotated towards her left shoulder…(read more)


For more information, or to join the Rally Bakery Bunch, email brina@rallyfoundation.org