years of life expectancy is lost when a child dies from cancer

1 in 5

kids diagnosed with cancer dies


of kids that survive their cancer treatments, suffer from long term side effects


of those kids suffer from chronic and life-threatening side effects

Rally Kid Andrew suffered from severe scoliosis and wore a back brace 23 hours a day for several years due to side effects from his cancer treatment. He also had to take growth hormones.

Rally Kid Leah (2005-2012) developed acute myeloid leukemia as a secondary cancer from her original Wilm's Tumor cancer treatment.

Rally Kid Tori now has thyroid damage, adrenal gland damage and pituitary damage as a result from her treatment for a brain tumor.

Rally Kid William (1986-2012) experienced heart damage, kidney damage, hearing loss and balance issues from the treatment he received through multiple brain tumor relapses.