An Easy Way for Friends and Family to Help!

Are friends and family asking you how they can help? Personalized Rally Kid t-shirts are an easy way for supporters to help your family and fund childhood cancer research.

How It Works

Rally will create a personalized web page for your child where your friends, family and supporters can make donations and receive t-shirts custom made for your child. Rally can also earmark the money raised to research being done for your child's specific type of cancer.

Here are a few easy steps to start your Rally Kid T-shirt Fundraiser!

  1. To begin your t-shirt fundraiser, think of the color and mantra you would like your Rally Kid t-shirt to be. Some examples are "Fight Like A Princess", "Cancer Does Not Have Me", and "Be Strong and Courageous."
  2. Once you decide the color and mantra of your t-shirt, contact Brina at and she will set up your unique fundraising page on the Rally website.
  3. Send emails to your friends, family and coworkers, and ask them to donate to Rally in honor of your t-shirt fundraiser. Be sure to share your unique fundraising page link!
  4. All donations from your supporters will go to Rally and help find better treatments with fewer long-term side effects and, ultimately, cures for kids with cancer.
If you would like to create your own fundraising page for a Rally Kid t-shirt fundraiser,
or if you would like to learn more about the Rally Kid t-shirt fundraiser,
please email