A Rally Kid is a child who has fought or is currently fighting childhood cancer. We also extend the invitation to all adults who have fought childhood cancer to share their stories, as well. At Rally, we believe that the battle to find a cure for childhood cancers begins with a story. These personal stories are inspirational and encourage everyone to Rally in our efforts to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. All of Rally’s endeavors are dedicated to a child or children fighting cancer because together we are stronger. 


Read our Rally Kid stories and learn more about each one of their experiences while facing childhood cancer.

Meet the Rally Kids


Rally Kids are the inspiration behind Rally, and we would love to feature your child as a Rally Kid! You can simply enter your email address and phone number below to have Rally staff member Brina contact you. Or, you can complete the Rally Kid form and send your child’s picture and biography to brina@rallyfoundation.org. We look forward to sharing your child’s story. 

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Rally Kid T-Shirt Fundraiser

A great way for family and friends to get involved. Start a t-shirt campaign and raise money for childhood cancer.

Rally Family Emergency Fund

A resource for parents whose children are currently going through treatment and need additional help with financial needs.

Rally Kid Research Funds

Rally Kid Research Funds allow a lasting legacy to be established by creating a fund in the Rally Kid's honor or memory.